Sydney Walkabouts

Even the city mice enjoy a pleasant walk in the country! For Sydneysiders, the country isn’t far. In fact, one of my favourite aspects of living in Sydney is that you get city, beach, cliff walks, and bush walks all within the radius of a few kilometers.

As part of my plan to soak in more of life’s simplest joys – including sunshine and Mother Nature herself – I have made it a point to go on as many nature walks as possible. But since I don’t drive, my best bet was to conquer the walks that I could access via public transportation. Here are three to note:

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk 

Best for: beach views

This is one of the most breath-taking paths I’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring. Between the smell of the saltwater air and the awe-inspiring gradient of the ocean’s colour, I am completely in love with this walk. The first time I completed it, the temperature was in the high 20s (celsius). It took about three extremely sweaty hours, and I just wanted to jump in the ocean at each of the Eastern Beaches. But was it worth the work? Without a single doubt!

Spit to Manly Walk 

Best for: bush walking

Part of the Manly Scenic Walkway, the Spit to Manly Walk had a great mix of small beach views and bush. Some stretches of the walk were very steep and not kept up too well; other stretches went through residential neighbourhoods. But what I enjoyed about that was getting a sense of how historical elements – like old Aboriginal stone carvings – juxtaposed with contemporary houses, and everyone enjoying nature’s best offerings.

Since I like to do these walks by myself, and I am quite the city mouse, I am intimidated by going too far into the bush. But this walk is beyond manageable for someone like me! The only hard part I would note is getting there… I could not find the entrance from Spit and had to ask a number of people for help. Of course, everyone was helpful, so it isn’t impossible 🙂 And taking the ferry back to the CBD from Manly is a luxury. Without the hour of getting lost at the beginning, the whole walk took about 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace.

Federation Cliff Walk 

Best for: cliff views

In terms of walking grade, this is probably the easiest of the three. And the views are easy on the eyes (heyo!). This walk stretches between Watsons Bay and Bondi or Dover Heights. Since I started at the Watsons Bay end to walk on the sea side, I arrived by ferry and started taking in the views early. There’s a lovely loop around the tip of the peninsula that goes from city and harbour views to sea views. Then the cliffs walk extends through residential streets and lush parks. And suffice it to say that the view of the sea invigorates every step! The full walk can take hours, but it’s relatively easy to jump out at any point and pick up a bus or ferry.


So which walk are you keen to try? What other city that you’ve been to offers scenic walks like these?


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