Random Thoughts of Expat in Sydney

Since I have lived in Sydney for four months now, I’ve decided to write a list of the random thoughts, feelings, and observations I’ve had or made since moving here from NYC. This is in no particular order: 

  1. Corn fritters: how did they become the food obsession du jour?
  2. In Australian English, many words look like US English but are pronounced differently. Such words include:
    1. shallot
    2. vitamin
    3. buoy
  3. The term “dickhead” is borderline a term of endearment.
Terms Of Endearment
Aussies aren’t known for beating around the bush! You gotta love their upfront word choice. 

4. The streets are almost too clean. Where’s the grit in this place?

5. After someone sneezes, some people say “bless you,” but no one is offended if you don’t say it. This makes proper sneeze etiquette confusing.

6. What the hell is chicken salt?

7. During heavy commuter times, people don’t rush the trains as they pull into the station, like we do in NYC. People do overcrowd the vestibule, however, leaving ample room to stand next to seats. This makes me insane.

8. For people who are so laid back, Australians get to work awfully early.

9. How does everyone know how to make elegant coffee drink?

Another day, another above-average coffee beverage.

10. Why is rent listed by the week but payment is demanded monthly? Also, why are utilities billed quarterly? And why/how are people so lax with leasing?

11. “Hectic” has a different connotation here.

12. The oxford comma is not super common.

13. How adorable are kids’ private school uniforms? (The hats that come with the uniforms are too. much. I wish we had cute hats in elementary, middle, or high school.)

14. “Suburbs”are what New Yorkers refer to as “neighbourhoods,” and “the CBD” is the only part of Sydney that’s considered “the city.” That’s weird!

15. Oh, you think it’s hard to date in Sydney? Try NYC! Oh, you think the hustle & bustle is too crazy in Sydney? Try NYC!

Blind Date
I like my odds here.

16. It would be nice if $1 and $2 coins weighed less.

17. You’re right. The US should have used the metric system. Now I’m always confused.

18. Australia is a largely progressive country, but there are a lot of holes in policies regarding – what I consider – basic civil rights… but that’s really a topic for another day 💁🏻



2 Comments Add yours

  1. alrharris says:

    Chicken salt = salt flavoured to taste a bit like chicken. Put on hot chips 🍟 (fries for the yanks out there) and pure awesomeness results!!!!


    1. NOTED! Can’t wait to try for pure awesomeness!

      Liked by 1 person

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