What to Pack for Summer in Syd

Unconventional Wisdom for a Conventional Summer Packing List

  1. Portable mobile charger
    • When you depend on Google Maps for every step of your physical journey and you depend on your phone for documenting every step of your physical journey, your phone is going to die a quick, painful death. Why induce anxiety by seeing the nasty “low battery mode” message? Luckily, it can be avoided.
      • Sidenote: how did anyone get around before smart phones?!? No, really, I’m asking. HOW?
  2. Mifi
    • Australia is first world but it isn’t the most technologically advanced country. Their wifi connectivity is lacking to say the least. If it’s available, it’s not 100% dependable. If you’re desperate not to use data when you’re uploading pictures to make everyone back home jealous, as a backpacker or millennial traveler- like myself – might be, you’ll want guaranteed connectivity to the outside world.

      What, like people could wait to see these petit fours? No way! Luckily, my phone was charged and I had a mifi so I could post on the go. Dare I say it was a *sweet* relief?
  3. SPF 50+ and Aeroguard
    • Once you travel down under, your skin is bound to have a reality check. During the daytime, as noted previously, the sun is stronger than you ever thought it could be. And if you have saccharine blood like I do, you’re going to be a mozzie magnet. Save your skin from all of the elements by investing in travel-size serious sunscreen and bug spray. Burning and getting eaten alive is like an Aussie initiation but it doesn’t have to be painful.
  4. Umbrella
    • Before I landed in Sydney, I heard that Melbourne was known for its erratic weather. Well, Sydney isn’t so perfect itself. It can go from blazing sunshine to torrential downpour in minutes. And during the late summer, the humidity lingers. So if you’re like me and your hair inflates with a hint of humidity, go the route of hood or hat in addition to umbrella.unnamed
  5. Self-esteem
    • The rumors are true. Everyone here is beautiful. And fit. And nice. Ugh. If you don’t have a healthy self-confidence in your body, you’ll drown in the beauty of Sydneysiders. And this comes from someone who took pride in trying all of the trendy fitness boutiques in Manhattan and read Vogue religiously…

Happy travels!


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