The Streets Are Talking

Last week, I reveled in the discoveries I made when I took off my headphones and actually absorbed what was going on in the beautiful city around me. The celebration continues! If you just look up and pay attention, Sydney is constantly telling a story.

Graffiti is as rampant here as it is in Rome or Brooklyn. But in Sydney, it’s more than just a tag of someone or a group staking their claim. It’s cheeky but expressive, rebellious but not dangerous. It’s street art to the fullest. There are artists you begin to recognize with their names splashed proudly from suburb to suburb. There are murals that take up entire sides of buildings.

Of course, there are the ones that must have been commissioned, so they feel a little less authentic. And I discovered that there are actual street art walking tours – guided and self-guided – available to tourists. While I can interpret that as having completely sold out, I can also appreciate how important authenticity, fun, liveliness, and pride is to this city. And what I’ve noticed is that the collections of Instagrammers posing in front of these walls is nil compared to what I see (read: have done, #guilty) in Bushwick.

For more pics of Sydney street art, head to my Instagram! 


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