A Dream Six Years In the Making


Six years is a long time. Six years is long enough to graduate college, move to a new city, furnish an apartment, launch a career. Six years is long enough to have my heart broken, live in hell-on-Wall Street, watch my loved ones suffer and finally recover. And certainly six years is long enough to realize that a dream that is still living in my heart after all this time deserves to be given a chance.

After returning from what was really a blip – albeit one of the happiest – in Australia six years ago, I have decided that now is the right time for so many reasons to return down under. I’m going over as an ex-Jersey girl, ex-Manhattan dweller, expat on a Work and Holiday Visa to live deliberately, with intention and a joie de vivre that I’ve been missing for years.

Now, one month before I depart, I’ve gotten through the bulk of the paperwork and logistics planning, so it’s a waiting game. I have a lovely AirBnB that I can’t wait to see for myself and big plans to roast on the beach for a couple weeks. And in the spirit of living with intention, I’ve set intentions early. (They mostly involve setting aside some habits that I’ve formed living in anxiety-ridden New York… all suggesting that I’ve made the right decision to move!)  But the pattern of these intentions is that they all lead to making a lifestyle out of what moves me. Sun, fun, friends, food, touring, exploring. And THAT is what Moving And Shaking is all about: make moves, shake it up, and stay hungry for life.


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  1. Aly girl says:

    That’s my girl!!!! Couldn’t be prouder ❤ ❤ !!!


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